Assoc. Prof. Martin Fernø, Department of Physics and Technology, UiB


in situ imaging of multiphase flow in heterogeneous porous media using PET/CT MRI/NMR, NTI and CT. Study capillary phenomena and flow in porous media such as foam generation, spontaneous imbibition and CO2 injection. Apply mobility control during CO2 injection for oil recovery and associated CO2 storage in mature oil reservoirs. Special interest in flow mechanisms in fractured reservoirs and how to improve sweep efficiency.


Featured publication

Pore-level hydrate formation mechanisms using realistic rock structures in high-pressure silicon micromodels. L.P. Haugea, J. Gauteplassa, M.D. Høylanda, G. Erslanda, A. Kovscekb, M.A. Fernø

International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control Volume 53, October 2016, Pages 178–186