nanoBergen and INFRASTRUKTUR sketches

In conjunction with NFR’s publications of sketches sent in to the INFRASTRUKTUR-call the nanoBergen-network will get together on Tuesday the 14th of August with the aim to ensure good flow of information within the nanoBergen-network,  and to inform the members of the network of the sketches that might be of relevance to their work.

Hopefully the meeting will open for discussions where one might find potential overlap, new user groups or even new participants for the final application.

Time and place: Tuesday the 14th of August at 9:00, Reagensglasset at the Department of chemistry, Realfagbygget.

If you would like to attend please use the following link to register:

Hope to see as many as possible there.


On behalf of nanoBergen,

Mali Husby Rosnes