Instrumentation and Services (alphabetical list)

(links for each instrument will be in place soon)

Atomic Force Microscope (1)

Atomic Force Microscope (2)

Bioinformatics/computational structural biology

Bioreactor with real-time impedance (custom made at Fraunhoffer Inst.)

BioStation: Time-lapse imaging system (Nikon)

Brightfield reflection and transmission optical microscope with darkfield option

Cell lab

Circular dichroism

Cleanroom facilities (ISO-5/7)

Contact angle instrument

Contact Angle Instrument (OCA25 Dataphysics)

CVD process chamber for growing nano crystaline diamond films

CytoViva UltraHigh Resolution (90 nm) system (CytoViva, USA) with environmental chamber

Dip coating unit (BIOLIN SCIENTIFIC)

Dynamic light scattering

Ethical Legal and Social Aspects of nanoscience and nanotech, as well as risk assessment

Electronics workshop for assembly and testing of PCBs and electronics.

Electron beam evaporator

Electron beam lithography, combined SEM

Elemental analysis


Equipment for constructing microfluidic Chambers

Flow Cytometer (Ampha Z30: Impedance-based, Label free)

Flow Cytometer (Accuri, non-automated)

Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry Shimadzu GC-MS-QP2010 Ultra

Gas Chromatograph (Agilent 7890A)

GPC-size exclusion chromatography (GPC-SEC)


Integrating spheres

Langmuir-Blodgett instrument (KSV)

light cycler for differential scanning fluorimetry

Lightsources (lasers etc.)

Liquid-handling robots

Mechanical workshop with hybrid CNC milling machine, drill, lathe and metal band saw, for production of custom specialist parts (typically non-ferrous)

Microcalorimeters (isothermal titration and differential scanning)

Microactivity-Effi Catalytic Reactor (PID Eng & Tech, C/ Francisco Gervás, 11. Pol. Ind. Alcobendas. E-28108, Madrid, Spain)

Microfluidic reactor and droplet generator set-up

Microwave reaction system (ETHOS 1)

Muffle furnace (thermo scientific)


Nanosizer ZS (Malvern Instruments)

Netural helium microscope – with possibility to do surface diffraction

NMR (solids/liquids/diffusion/imaging)

One Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) system (vacuum thin film)

Optical Microscopes (Nikon Optiphot II and Olympus SZ11)

Optical tables

PCR machine

Photoanalytical activity rig, via ISO 22197-2 (NOx degradering)

Physisorption instrument (high pressure), Belsorp HP

Physisorption instrument (standard pressure) with chemisorption extension, Belsorp-MAX with TPD-Pro

Physical Vapour nanoparticle Sources

Plate reader

Plate Readers (multimodal)

Polarization bright field microscope

Powder X-ray diffraction

Reactive ion etcher

Rheometer (Kinexus Pro, Malvern Instruments)


Single crystal X-ray diffraction

Solar simulator


Sonicator (VCX130, Vibra-Cell, 130W, Sonics & Materials)


Spin coater

Surface plasmon resonance

Stereo reflection microscope


Tensiometer (Sigma 700)

Thermogravimetry-differentional scanning calorimetry coupled mass spectrometry (TG/DSC-MS)

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy (TIRF) (Nikon)

UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometers

UV-vis Spectrophotometer (1)

UV-vis Spectrophotometer (2)

UV spectrometer (shimadzu)

Vibra-Cell Ultrasonic Processor (Sonix)

xCELLigence System: Impedance-based, Label Free, Real-Time Cell Analyzer (Roche)

Zetasizer Nano ZSP (Malvern, UK)